“I was very pleased with the class, teacher and all. French made easy! Jean-Didier made me feel very comfortable and confident”


“The class was really good and looking forward to the rest of them”


“Lesson was great. He is a very good teacher, very happy to have him giving the lessons”


“I must say I really enjoyed Freddy’s style of teaching, he made me realise that I knew more than I maybe thought I did!”


“I really LOVED the first class, it was better than I expected. I am over- the –moon!!”


“I enjoyed Freddie’s lesson. I really like the way he encourages interaction from us so that we can actually practice what we have learnt”


“I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised with the structure and organisation this morning. Thank you. I think your environment is perfect for Tanzia and very friendly. I liked Janik allot and the way she explained to me what she wants to do in the class. I also appreciate the opportunity you have given Tanzia to meet others during her class; this will definitely help with getting used to the new environment as well as learning. Jolene, Tanzia’s Au Pair also commented on the structure as well as the fact that ‘outside play’ formed a great part of the lesson. All and all, I am very pleased with my decision to enrol her at your Academy”


“Freddi is excellent and we were very happy”


“Our lesson with Jean-Didier was very good and we’re delighted that he is our teacher”