We cater for EVERY need!

We offer the finest French programs in South Africa: ALL of our teachers are trained and are native French speakers with years of teaching experience behind them.

Our teachers attend training regularly to ensure they stay up to date with the latest methods and techniques in teaching French.

We offer the widest variety of courses at all levels for all age groups at highly competitive prices.

Our classes are conveniently scheduled at various times throughout the day and are restricted to a maximum number of students ensuring a personalised, student centred experience that gets you communicating in no time. The restriction on the number of students per class also ensures that you still get the benefit of the interaction from a group environment without it being too large and causing disruptions to your learning.

Our classes are designed to give you many opportunities to practice your speaking through interaction, audiovisual material and various books. The level you will acquire is internationally recognized which is a definite advantage.

All the programs we use are interactive allowing you to develop all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our programs also provide you with a wealth of intercultural insight. Through interactive activities, you will progress from basic communication situations to more complex interactions, where you must organize your ideas in order to inform, explain, persuade, discuss or speak in public.

Our courses progress according to your needs using multimedia supports. The approach is task-oriented with a rigorous progression suited to your level. The courses are animated & personalized and comprised of cultural information.

Our programs use a simple & clear structure. Tests can be done in order for you and your teacher to assess your progress & ensure you have grasped what has been introduced to you before moving on to the next set of information.

The focus of our programs is on practicality to enable you to become autonomous in French as quickly and as effectively as possible in order to address your everyday life confidently & successfully in a francophone environment.

Our aim is to ensure we give you a strong foundation and practical knowledge of the French language, while providing you with all the necessary tools to be independent & versatile with the language.

A powerpoint presentation is used in support of our courses.


All our courses offer you a fully guided in-class experience with your tutor & classmates

Intensive French Course (All Levels)

Extensive French Course (All Levels)

Corporate French Course (All Levels)

Conversational French Classes

Children French program (9 – 12 years old)

French Familiarisation Program For Children (6 – 8 years old)

Nursery School & Preschool Cultural Enrichment (15 months – 6 years old)

Private Tuition

We are affiliated to French Preschool


The DELF Exams Accreditation:

  • State certificates of French awarded by the French ministry of Education.
  • Written at the provincial examination centre.
  • DELF is a State-recognized French diploma with an emphasis on communication skills.
  • Recognised and offered throughout 154 countries.
  • Highly valued in the professional world, providing employers with a recognised benchmark of a candidate’s linguistic competence.
  • There are no requirements for writing the DELF exams, any applicant may enrol.

Material includes:
Exercise book
Audio CD
PowerPoint presentation

Complimentary tea & coffee